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A Guide for San Antonio Auto Accident Lawyer

Texas sees daily traffic collisions. Additionally, every single car collision is unique, with varying degrees of losses, injuries, and damages. The majority of car accidents are brought on by the carelessness or brief inattention of another motorist, however some accidents are the result of irresponsible action. Common negligent behaviors include failing to give the right of way, hitting another car from behind, swerving through a stop sign or signal, or making an unsafe lane change. Driving at extremely high speeds, when impaired by drink or drugs, or while racing another vehicle are examples of common reckless disregard. If the other driver is at fault in Texas, the injured party should be entitled to compensation for any property damage, medical costs, pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost wages, and/or lost income. In addition to his or her actual damages, the victim may also be entitled to punitive damages or exceptional damages if the reckless driver was also negligent. Are you looking for the San Antonio Auto Accident Lawyer You can Read our Complete brief

For more than 15 years, our law firm has provided legal services to clients all around Texas. In addition to being familiar with the laws of the road and the unique responsibilities placed on commercial and public carriers, our team of attorneys frequently consults with investigators and/or experts to find solutions to challenging scientific and/or engineering problems that may be the root of a loss. We have discovered throughout the years that by figuring out the answers, we can sometimes determine what caused an accident to happen on the road, highway, or crossroads and who was at fault. Our attorneys have experience managing auto accident lawsuits and losses involving:

  • Losses from Drunk Driving
  • collisions at the rear
  • Intersectional Mishaps
  • Injury from Passenger Hit and Run
  • motorcycle collisions
  • Tractor trailer and Semi-Truck Crashes
  • Pedestrian Mishaps
  • Uninsured drivers

Defining Liability

Finding who is at fault in a traffic collision is similar to finding who was negligent in other liability cases. Problems with faults might be difficult. Call our legal team; we can assist. You can identify the responsible party with the aid of our knowledgeable attorneys. To ascertain who was at responsibility for your accident, we will get the police report on your loss, analyze the traffic regulations, and speak with any witnesses.

Accidents Resulting from Drunk Driving

Unfortunately, drunk drivers murder and injure Texans every day throughout the state of Texas. According to our perspective, drunk drivers who kill or seriously hurt innocent bystanders should be punished. It is crucial to realize that both actual damages and punitive damages may be sought by the victim and/or his family.

If a bar or nightclub served a clearly intoxicated customer who then drove and caused an accident, they may also be held responsible for the harm they caused in addition to the drunk driver. The fact that the person who provided the drunk driver with alcohol may be held accountable does not absolve the drunk driver of responsibility.

Our skilled personal injury attorneys can assist you in determining who may be held accountable for your injuries, including individuals or companies you may not have thought of because they are knowledgeable with the laws controlling legal accountability.

Someone in our nation perishes in an accident or crash caused by alcohol every half-hour. More than a million people were hurt in alcohol-related incidents alone last year.

Accidents Resulting from Faulty Products

Accidents can occasionally result from causes unconnected to the actions of any one driver. For instance, a flaw could lead to an accident. In some cases involving motor accidents, a product flaw is to blame for the loss. Under the provisions of product liability law, an automaker or supplier may be held accountable in such circumstances for injuries brought on by an auto defect.

When a product seller is sued for selling a defective product that physically injured a consumer or user, the case is known as a product liability suit. Regardless of whether the maker was careless, they are responsible for any harm the product causes if they design, make, or label it in a way that results in a defective product.

Accidents Resulting from Roadway Issues

Inadequately paved roads and/or broken traffic lights might also play a role in accident development. Serious or fatal accidents can occasionally be caused by bad designs, maintenance problems, construction problems, signage problems, lighting problems, or other roadway fault problems, including incorrect placement of trees and utility poles. In situations like this, the State or even the road building business may be held accountable. Claims and lawsuits brought against governmental institutions are subject to unique rules. Call our law firm; maintaining and winning such claims depend on receiving sound legal counsel.

Careless behavior and road rage

A driver may also be held accountable for an accident if they acted intentionally, recklessly, or negligently, or if they failed to behave in a reasonable manner under the same conditions.

Driving recklessly is defined as having “willful and wanton disregard” for other people’s rights and well-being. A driver may be deemed negligent, for instance, if they cause an accident while driving aggressively or harassingly out of “road rage.”

An assault with a motor vehicle or another deadly weapon by the driver or passenger(s) of another motor vehicle, or an assault sparked by an incident that happened on a roadway, is what is referred to as “Road Rage” in the definition.

According to statistics gathered by NHTSA, aggressive driving has been a factor in nearly 13,000 injuries and fatalities in collisions since 1990. More over 60% of drivers believe that other drivers’ dangerous driving, particularly speeding, poses a serious threat to their family and themselves.

Aggressive drivers who speed, tailgate, and engage in other risky driving behaviors are targets of renewed efforts by Texas law enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute them.


In each of the aforementioned situations, it is crucial that the victim or his or her family act quickly to protect the evidence, look into the loss, and have medical professionals or other expert witnesses assess the losses and injuries. Do not wait to contact our Personal Injury Attorneys if you have been injured in an auto accident. Our legal team has expertise and experience handling matters involving auto accidents.



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