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Amazon Business Seller Program 2023 Reach Millions of Customers

Like myself, if you are a seller on the Amazon platform, without doubt, you will have come across numerous occasions when you felt the need for a little help either in understanding Amazon seller policies or trying to figure out their online platform. Participation in the Amazon Business Seller Program gives you access to additional reporting fields in Seller Central, allowing you to identify business

Amazon Business Seller Program

Things like how to create your Amazon catalogue or the correct Amazon catalogue listing or figuring out how to create the Amazon custom listing without violating a dozen different Amazon rules, can be quite daunting.

I remember when I first tried to the FBA Listing Optimization I ended up completely ruining my Amazon product catalogue and had to redo everything again. As a seller, if you misunderstand a technical term, you could end up in serious trouble.

After making several mistakes receiving several warning notes from Amazon and wasting several dozen hours of my time, I finally decided to hire a vendor central consultant who was also an expert at listing amazon products.

Hiring a vendor central consultant paid off handsomely because they took care of everything. In fact, now-a-days, I only login once a week to check the revenue and it has been amazing. No more mistakes, no more warning notices from Amazon and best of all, great sales and even better reviews.

Whenever anyone searched for a product that I too was selling, it was frustrating to note that my product would feature somewhere on the 20th page or so. Now that I hired the vendor central consultant, my products are in the first 5 pages and every often are listed on the first page or second page. This has resulted in amazing sales.

While other sellers on Amazon continue to make mistakes and suffer the consequences, my listings are now always perfect and the sales have been amazing. Of course, hiring a consultant for amazon is not cheap but trust me, with the resultant increase in sales, the consultant charges will be a small fraction of your revenue and therefore, it is more than worth the price.

If you are still in doubt, do what I did; I asked a consultant for amazon to check out my account and point out 3 mistakes I made in my listing. I was pretty confident they would not find any mistakes. Guess what, they found 38 mistakes all of which contributed to poor sales. I decided to hire them for one month.

Towards the end of the first month, my sales register began to jump and it was 12% more than the previous month. So, I hired them for another month and once again my sales grew. As they say, the rest is history and today I am one of the top sellers in Amazon. You can be too.



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