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Dental Marketing Ideas for 2022 You Don’t Want to Miss

Have you ever heard about the buzz behind dental SEO? If not, you are not alone. Tons of dentists have little to no idea about Dental Marketing Ideas 2022. 

Though providing dental services is your priority, If you want to grow your practice and keep new patients coming in, you need to add dental SEO as part of your Dental marketing mix. 

Today, you will learn about Dental SEO. Discover the Dental SEO fundamentals and the simple SEO steps to apply, and scale up your dental website traffic and online appointments. 

Learning The Basics

First, let us learn what Dental SEO is all about. The term SEO came from the word; Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of increasing your dental practice visibility by attaining the best positioning on the search engine result page without the help of any form of paid advertisement. 

When a potential patient search “dentist near me” or other dental-related words on Google or another search engine, the SEO methodology helps your dental practice appear higher on top of search results. 

Dental SEO Made Easy (Dental Marketing Ideas)

Dental SEO is one of the best dental marketing strategies that can drive an influx of website traffic, online reputation, and potential revenue.

With this, here are the four Dental SEO steps that you can apply to drive traffic and generate leads for your dental practice. 

Step 1: SEO Audit

SEO audits reveal your website’s technical issues like speed, traffic, texts, indexability, etc. 

To start with, use Google Search Consoles. It is a free tool provided by Google that allows web developers, administrators, or digital marketers to monitor their presence and performance in the Google search results. 

It gives diagnosis reports of the technical SEO issues and receives alerts when Google detects spam issues on your website.  

It allows you to scan your website backlink profile and track all the keyword ranking positions on the SERPs.

With the SEO audit, you can increase your website speed, traffic, and lastly, improve user experience. 

You can conduct a do-it-yourself SEO technical audit, or you can ask for a dental marketing agency to do it.  

Step 2: Keyword Research

Keyword research is also part of SEO and marketing for dentists. Before having your keyword research process, visualize and set your goals first.

Create in-depth keyword research. Analyze your potential patient’s questions or phrases they used to search. 

Use answer the public to discover the most common questions your target audience is searching for and review how you can answer and convert these questions into your content. 

Step 3. Content Creation 

Your website content is everything on your web pages – texts, images, videos, graphics etc. 

When building your web content, be mindful of what your visitors want to search when visiting your website. Utilize your findings for your dental SEO purposes. 

The more high-quality content published, the more web traffic and SERP ranking you will get. Though technicalities are involved in marketing for dentists, storytelling is the highest form of connection to convert your readers to patients.

Step 4: Create Your Google My Business Profile

Dental SEO alone will not be successful without a Google My Business profile. 

GMB information will make your website appear on the top of Google Searches and maps. 

Fill up accurate information from your dental office name, business hours, business address, phone number, and your accepted payment methods.

Lastly, ask your existing clients to write Google reviews about your dental practice. Google reviews can help you rank higher organically, as long as it’s a legit review. 

Are you Ready To rise?

Dental SEO is a vital part of your dental marketing strategies. Learning its importance and fundamentals is a great start to increase your search rankings and visibility to local searches for your dental services.  

Dental SEO done right will convert to greater rewards. If you want to do it right, request an SEO or other dental marketing strategies consultation with us. 




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