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How Can I Assist Google With Duplicate Product Descriptions?

Google’s John Mueller explains how to handle multiple product descriptions that are different but similar.
The subject of how Google handles product descriptions that are the same for different items, resulting in duplicate information, was addressed by Google’s John Mueller. Mueller minimized any negative consequences of the duplicate material and offered innovative suggestions on how to assist Google rank product pages for products that are mostly similar.

Although the products are different, the descriptions are the same.

The person who asked the inquiry was worried about how Google might rank ecommerce web pages for similar products with similar descriptions.

This particular circumstance involved handcrafted shoes for a specified age range, all of which were constructed with the identical materials and procedures, with the only difference being the shoe’s design.

The question was posed as follows:

“Would Google consider it duplicate content if I wrote a single…high-quality product description for all?”

Is it better to have individual explanations for each one, lowering the content’s quality?”

Content Quality Isn’t Affected by Unique Content

Mueller began his response by raising doubts about whether unique content will lower the content’s quality. He claimed that product descriptions may be both distinctive and of high quality

Google does not penalize websites that have duplicate content.
After that, John Mueller returned to the core topic of duplicating content.

Mueller went on to say:

“We’d probably classify this as duplicate material, but we wouldn’t degrade a website because of it.”

So from a practical point of view, what would happen is if someone is searching for a piece of text that is within this duplicated description on your pages, then we would recognize that this piece of text is found on a bunch of pages on your website and we would try to just pick maybe one or two pages from your website to show.

So we’re not going to demote or penalize your website in any manner just because it includes duplicate material.”

It’s incomprehensible to show multiple pages with the same content.

Mueller went on to say that the reason Google limits the amount of comparable pages from the same site that appear in search results is merely a practical concern.

According to John Mueller:-

“From a practical standpoint, we know that you have this content on a number of your pages.

So it doesn’t make sense for us to show all of those pages if someone is expressly looking for that content.

And that’s… reasonable when people are looking for information.

They don’t have to look through all of your website’s pages to find that piece of content.”

How Can You Assist Google in Ranking Similar Products?

Next, Mueller emphasized the significance of employing words to describe the products’ appearance. He warned that failing to correctly describe a product’s appearance could have a detrimental impact on search visibility.

Mueller followed his response with this word of caution:

“The thing I believe to watch out for here is if you don’t have anything in the textual material that covers… the visual part of your products, it makes it very difficult for us to actually show them in the search results appropriately.”

So, you indicated that you have handmade shoes, for example. If you have blue and red shoes but never specify which colour they are, we might assume that if someone searches for blue shoes, your sites aren’t very relevant because you don’t use the term blue anywhere on your pages.

So there you have it… It’s fine for parts of the description to be duplicated, in my opinion. However, I would make certain that you have at least something in there that contains information about the visual components that are unique to the things you’re selling.

So that’s the general path I’d go.”

Google has a hard time ranking pages with duplicate content.

Google, according to Mueller, will not penalize a site for duplicate material. However, he added that a lack of language material that indicates a product’s aesthetic excellence makes it more difficult for Google to rank those pages.

If similar product descriptions are similar, try to find words to accurately describe the big and small things that distinguish each product, such as its intended use, but John specifically encouraged ecommerce publishers to focus on writing text that describes what distinguishes one product visually from another.



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